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You may know Michael Dare as film critic and journalist for the LA Weekly, LA Times, Billboard, Interview, and the National Lampoon. Turns out he also studied with Lee Strasberg, jammed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, went to Disneyland with Eugene Ionesco, and got Timothy Leary for a birthday present. He was the Playboy Advisor on the Playboy Channel, wrote for Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs, and Scott Bakula played him in a CBS movie-of-the-week about his misadventures in Hollywood called The Bachelor's Baby. He was John Cassavetes' dialogue coach on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, has a close-up in Up in Smoke, sang the news on KROQ, and is responsible for one of the biggest April Fools Day pranks of all time. The only reason we believe one word of this is he has actual photographic evidence, thousands of warped Polaroids that are finally seeing the light of day.