August 1984: Paul Stanley tells Night Flight about KISS’s plans to “Animalize”

By on January 20, 2016

On the occasion of Paul Stanley’s 64th birthday — he was born Stanley Bert Eisen on January 20, 1952, in Manhattan, NY — here’s a Mick Wall inspired look back at Paul Stanley’s lone solo Night Flight appearance:

You’re a 32-year old rock star, eleven years into your professional career. It’s August 1984 and your band, one of the biggest in the world — in the previous decade — has just begun to rise again following a five-year pitfall of missteps and disastrous business decisions.

If it were any other band, you’d be laughing but, as fate would have it, this is your group and it’s no joke to you. You removed your trademark makeup, finally revealing to the public what you really look like, but, that was eleven months ago and now your entire career is going to depend on how well your next album does.

Pressure? Nah, you can handle it, though it would be nice if you weren’t alone in your endeavors.


The man you’ve called your business partner for the past 13-years just phoned in his participation on your latest studio album; Hollywood has seduced him and all of the responsibilities were just dumped in your lap. You didn’t appreciate it but you are hell bent on rising to the challenge. Starting with the hiring of a more-modern sounding guitar player in May, but now, that isn’t really working out either.

However, things aren’t all bad: Animalize is ready to go and you are really proud of yourself, as this one is all yours. You finished it yourself and the songs, well at the least the ones bearing your name in the credits, are good… really good. You brought in outside writers to help you with the tracks but working with Desmond Child, Beatlemania’s Mitch Weissman and Jean Beauvoir from the Plasmatics went smoothly enough.


Additionally, your longtime friend and current acting manger, Danny Goldberg, has secured you an impressive, two-million dollar advance from Winterland Merchandising, obtained a coveted “MTV Sneak Preview Video” spot for your new clip, “Heaven’s On Fire,” and your longtime booking agency has invited you to record an interview on their twice-weekly TV series for the USA Network.


Things are looking up for your band and for the first time in a long time, you’ve got something back that has been missing from your life, hope. The momentum is building again and you realize your band may never be as big as it was, after all that was a phenomenon, but you’d be happy just being successful at this point.

It’s still summertime in New York and you are wearing an aqua blue sleeveless vest, the same one you wore to Olivia Newton-John’s celebrity clad Olympics house party in Los Angeles a few weeks prior. The wardrobe girl is powdering your face and Hit Parader magazine editor Andy Secher is going to be handling your interview.

Life could be a lot worse.


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