Attention “cord cutters” and streaming fanatics: Night Flight Plus has been just been updated!

By on April 20, 2019

If you’re a Night Flight Plus subscriber, the next time you visit our streaming channel you’ll notice we’ve made some recent changes to the design which should make your experience finding something to watch a lot more fun! We’ve also made significant updates to our Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Firestick apps!

If you’re a “cord cutter” — or maybe you want more to choose from when you sit down to stream something fun on your TV, phone or tablet — and you haven’t subscribed to yet, we can’t think of a better time for you to check out Night Flight Plus than right now!

The goal we set for ourselves was to make the Night Flight Plus browsing experience feel like a Friday night visit to an carefully-curated small town home video shoppe, and our recent update gets us one step closer!

As you’ll see, it’s fairly self-explanatory, but we’ve completely overhauled our entire collection of Night Flight episodes, breaking them down into sub-categories that just might be better organized than your bootleg VHS collection!

Everything we’re streaming on NF Plus is now categorized by genre or sub-genre, in fact, and not necessarily by the company we’ve licensed some of our titles from (don’t worry, we’ve still got a few of those rows, though, e.g. “Arrow Films: Classic & Cult Horror Films,” Blue Underground,” “Full Moon,” “Something Weird,” etc.)

At the top of NF Plus, you’ll find three pinned sections: New Arrivals (that’s where you’ll be able to easily find titles we’ve added over the past several Friday nights, which is when we add new titles); Essentials (these are the titles in all kinds of different categories which we think are essential viewing if you’ve got a Night Flight Plus subscription ), and Must Watch Original Episodes (like our “Essentials — which aren’t necessarily vintage “Night Flight” episodes — these are ALL original “Night Flight” episodes we think you’ll want to check out for one reason or another).

We’ve got the original “Night Flight” episodes broken down by category too, for the most part, so you’ll be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for, no matter if it’s Night Flight: Indie Film Showcases & Night Flight Goes to the Movies,” New Wave Theatre & Flash Tracks/Video Vaults,” or our popular Take Offs (we’ve got two rows of those) and Video Profiles (there’s two rows of those, too!).

By the way, just in case you didn’t know, our “Take Offs” and “Video Profiles” feature exclusive vintage Night Flight interviews from the 1980s you won’t be able to see anywhere else!

You’ll also find lots of fun Music rows to explore — featuring live concert films, music documentaries and more — with categories like Metal & Hard Rock,” “Madchester & Brit Pop & Misc. UK Music Docs,” andNoise Rock & Industrial & Experimental.”

If you’re a Horror movie fan, for instance, be sure to check out our always-expanding selection of titles, which are now grouped together in ten different rows like Horror: Aliens & Robots/Kaiju & Post-Nuke Sci-Fi Meltdowns,” Horror: Bigfoot Hunters & Drive-In Sleaze,” andHorror: Cannibals & Flesh-Eating Zombies.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Bikers & Hippies,” Sci-Fi Serials & Black & White 1950s,” Love that Bob: Church of the SubGenius,” or Sexploitation & Softcore Sex Romps,” (how’s  that for variety?), we’ve really got you covered on NF Plus.

You might also want to poke around in the rows for Midnight Movies & Mondo Docs,” Oddball Obscurities & Vintage Weirdos,” andWrestling & Wrasslin’: Square Circle Grapplers,” because you never know what you may have previously missed when searching for something fun to watch on the weekend.

We’d also love to hear back from you about our new design! Contact us here!

For those of you who might not know who we are, the original “Night Flight” TV show was broadcast on the USA cable network from 1981-1988 on Friday and Saturday nights and in the early ’90s the show was picked up for syndication with new episodes mixing vintage and current-day content.

A Night Flight Plus subscription will give you access to full episodes from that original TV series which, as we’ve said, featured rare and exclusive interviews, experimental video art, underground film and hours of artist video profiles.

You’ll also get access to thousands of classic stereo-remastered music videos from the ’80s (and early ’90s), not to mention hundreds of hard-to-find full-length cult, comedy, horror, exploitation and B-movie flicks.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll even end up replacing “Netflix & chill” with “Night Flight Plus & chill”! (Feel free to spread that around).

You can find answers to any question you might have in our FAQ section, or contact us if here if you’ve got a question, and if you’re wondering what a subscription to Night Flight Plus costs, it’s $4.99 for a monthly premium subscription or $39.99 for a yearly subscription/membership.


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