Are You A Little Crazy?: 80s Men Still Looking For “The Goddess”

By on August 19, 2015

Have you decided you’re lonely? Are you a little crazy? A few months back, we featured excerpts from this wonderful 1987 Videomates dating video reel in a post titled “No Fatties, No Hamsters”: 80s Men Looking For “The Goddess,” and now we’ve got the follow-up provided by the fun-lovin’ folks at Found Footage Festival, who claim to have been given this video dating footage by comedian David Cross.

These are honest-to-gawd real VHS videotape profiles, made somewhere in the San Fernando Valley, here in Los Angeles (that makes sense, right?), and apparently there’s even more exclusive Video Dating footage can be found on the FFF Volume 4 DVD. What more can we say? Why don’t we let these 80s hunks speak for themselves?:

80s DATING MEN 4.png

“I thought I told you to never call me here…?”

80s DATING MEN 5.png

“I have a very strong sense of humor. I read recently that everyone thinks they’ve got one, but my friends do agree that I do.”

80s DATING MEN 6.png

“Kind of your typical research mathematician, I guess…”

80s DATING MEN 7.png

“Are you a little crazy?”

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