9th Grader Simon Lundquist is the second weekly winner in the $64,000 Democracy For All Video Challenge

By on September 10, 2015

9th grader Simon Lundquist Simon Lundquist — an aspiring writer/director — has been announced as the second winner of Democracy For All’s Video Challenge, taking home the $1,000 prize!

Democracy For All would love to see Night Flight’s followers win the prize money by making a video that connects issues that are important to them to the problem of big money in politics and the need for an amendment!

They will be awarding $1,000 every Wednesday between now and December 2nd, and weekly prize winners will remain eligible for the $25,000 grand prize and the five $5,000 category prizes.

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Here’s what Simon had to say about the contest:

Democracy For All: How did you find out about this contest?

Simon: As a filmmaker, I scour the internet for film contests that interest me. I don’t make a video, unless it’s worth making. A video for this contest is definitely worth making.

Democracy For All: Why did you enter this contest?

Simon: This contest is special. These small 1 minute 30 second videos have a chance to change an entire nation. They have the capability to influence the future of democracy. They give a chance for the next generation’s activists, innovators, and dreamers to get their voices heard. That, to me, is an opportunity you get once in a lifetime.

Democracy For All: Making this video, what experience did you have making videos?

Simon: I have been making videos since I was 9. Back then, I wanted to be an actor but I grew to like writing, and directing as the years went on. I have submitted into a total of 5 video contests including one’s from the website ProjectEd, and the IP Video Contest. I have won, or been mentioned in 3 of the 5 contests. I love filmmaking and I hope to be making movies professionally as I grow into adulthood.

Democracy For All: Before this contest, did you know about the Democracy For All amendment?

Simon: I hadn’t heard of the Democracy For All amendment before entering into this contest. Although I was instantly interested when I found out what it is. The ideas started flowing and it led me to create, the one and only, Democramole.

Democracy For All: Before this, have you ever participated in any type of activism?

Simon: I haven’t participated in any activism before. I’ve always been fascinated by how dedicated people are to make things right. Although I personally haven’t been practicing activism, you’ve got to start somewhere!

There are still 12 more Weekly Winner prizes to award (in addition to the $25k grand prize and five $5k category prizes)!


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