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By on August 2, 2015


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What your choice in music says about you (if you’re an empath, you can skip the Sex Pistols). The Mosaic by Power Stick — we’ll look at the Canadian success story’s new gadget aimed at keeping Alan entertained on his next trans-Atlantic flight. Whatever happened to radio bumper stickers? It’s about more than just the lack of choice chrome locations on your car’s derriere.  Plus — another G&B gadget giveaway — and why that cool kid you envied at 13 isn’t so cool today.

Segment 1 (12 minutes)

Your love of the Sex Pistols or Norah Jones says more about your personality than you think


The musicians with the largest vocabularies


Segment 2 (8 minutes)

As recommended by G&B listener Chef Mike Benninger Interview – Tyler Wells

Powersticks Creative Director Tyler Walls on the Mosaic Kickstarter campaign


Segment 3 (10 minutes)

G&B News Update

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Whatever happened to radio station bumper stickers?


Segment 4 (12 minutes)

Cool at 13, Adrift at 23


Rush Limbaugh is cooked


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