6/24/15 – Welcome Geeks & Beats, Night Flight’s first Podcast partner

By and on June 24, 2015

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We’re incredibly excited to welcome Alan Cross and Michael Hainsworth of “The World’s Most Popular Podcast” Geeks & Beats, to the Night Flight family. The show brings together two media veterans, Cross a radio legend and Hainsworth a TV broadcaster, to create a smart and captivating weekly program about music and tech, and where they sometimes intersect. One listen to the 40 minute podcast is enough to see how well these two fit into the Night Flight ensemble. Without further ado, we give you this week’s episode of Geeks & Beats:


Taylor Swift isn’t as powerful as you think. The real story behind Apple blinking over the battle for free streaming music. The connected car: why you need to be afraid, very afraid, when it comes to remote access to your vehicle. God Save the KGB — the fascist regime — and the brains behind the Punk movement — if you believe an aging Russian spy. Plus! One more week for your chance to win a pair of sweet headphones from RHA and why God isn’t dead: he’s just at Studio 54.

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-What’s with all the concert injuries this year? And should I be concerned? [SPOILER: Yes.]

-Glastonbury’s urine problem. Actually, it’s more Kanye’s problem

-Taylor Swift vs. Apple. If we didn’t talk about it, we’d get a stern letter from Ms. Swift.

-How long before your car is hacked? Michael is most paranoid concerned.

-Self-driving cars: Could they violate the Three Laws of Robotics? Don’t bet against it.

-Last chance to win a $250 pair of RHA headphones!

-We love our Patreon patrons.

-Looking for a good set of concert earplugs?

-Dead weight in Beats headphones. Literally. And people are paying for it.

-Spotify is no longer Shrek green. It’s more like a Kermit green now.

-Did the KGB finance UK punk in the 70s to destabilize the West?

-God has invaded Studio 54.

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Geeks & Beats is The World's Most Popular Podcast™ from radio legend Alan Cross and TV's Michael Hainsworth. Just ask them.