12:01 Beyond’s Josh Hadley tells Night Flight how our 80s TV show was a huge influence

By and on June 9, 2016

Josh Hadley — who writes for magazines such as Fangoria, Hustler, Grindhouse Purgatory, Delirium and others — and Nick Michalak are the brains beyond 12:01 Beyond, which Hadley tells us is an “homage and not a rip-off,” airing on the OSI74 channel on ROKU.

 12:01 Beyond collects new and old radio shows Hadley has produced over the years (Lost in the Static, RadioDrome, What The Fuck!!?? and Hart Attack on Jackalope Radio), along with old columns for a website he’s no longer associated with and what he refers to as “my (seriously AWFUL) old local TV program, “It Came From Beyond Midnight.”

We asked Josh to tell us a little about his show, and Night Flight‘s influence.

Josh Hadley:

12:01 Beyond is a co-production of 1201 Beyond and Ravens Films. Nick Michalak is the fantastic editor and co-producer who keeps my bullshit in check (most of the time). This series was made as a way to show a new generation what Night Flight showed mine.

12:01 Beyond is (to put it simply) my version of what Night Flight was and what Night Flight did… with no budget whatsoever in my case though. Every episode we show a full movie, short films, cartoons and old commercials mixed in with music videos, original web series and as Night Flight did so brilliantly, video essays which suit whatever the subject of the episode happens to be.

Bringing up Night Flight is something that immediately forms bonds between a segment of the population, a segment of the population who grew up on the edges of pop culture and who saw things just a little differently.

The very name “Night Flight” conjures up images and remembrances of not just the 80’s but the rebel spirit that cable television used to have when it was the fucking wild west along with the music and films which refused to be categorized or homogenized. Night Flight is a test of pop culture as well as loud testimony for a generation who knew they were on the cusp of something greater and could feel that something new and yet classic was waiting for the right people to discover it.

Night Flight was the counter culture masquerading as the mainstream just enough so that it seeped into that very culture it was only a fringe part of. The brilliance of Night Flight was that mainstream style of it and the subversive nature of it’s contents. Mixing mainstream movie coverage and news alongside mainstream music videos with upcoming artists and cult cinema in the middle.

The films shown, the shorts aired and the choices of music to be spotlighted all were in a cult vein while the surface of the show was bright and very much mainstream. This allowed Night Flight to reach an audience it may not have otherwise and gave the mainstream likely it’s first doses of the cult films and punk rock which rarely saw mass market exposure.

1201 BEYOND 2

This was an inventive and absurdly effective manner in which to fuse a late night cult audience with a commercial program and that was Night Flight‘s greatest strength, the ability to seamlessly merge disparate ideas into a cohesive whole. All this rounded out by Pat Prescott’s amazingly smooth and sexy voice over those animated cityscapes.

Night Flight was something that influenced me not in just the films and music I ingested but an ideal which shaped who I became.

1201 BEYOND 1.png

12:01 Beyond is my twisted and incompetent revision of what Night Flight meant to me. I wanted to show people the kinds of movies and cartoons and nonsense which Night Flight exposed me too but with a new flare.

I don’t have access to many of the titles and content Shapiro and USA did so the mix is really something unique. The content of the show is either public domain or borrowed (with permission). Original content — such as the video essays by Nuttawut Permphithak and Petar Gagic — is combined with loaned web series Ninja The Mission Force from the amazing Neon Harbor Studios and producer Ed Glaser plus Shadoe Stevens has given me permission to serialize his old failed Cinemax series Shadoevision in upcoming episodes.

This is all integrated with music videos by independent artists plus those who reside on the Alternative Tentacles record label. We bring you things you know and things you may never have experienced without us.

Originally meant as a once a month series completely intended to expose the internet audience to what Night Flight did to my brain but things fell farther and farther behind due to a nasty divorce and real life kicking me in the nuts repeatedly. To date seven episodes have been created with 2 more currently in the works. If I had a budget I would love to do this as a weekly or at least monthly series again but I just can’t afford it at the moment.

As it was slated to be a monthly show, the first episode was a Halloween special and was thus themed appropriately and themes for episodes became… well… a theme. The theme does not always apply though as the serials don’t tend to conform to this but overall the movie and the shorts and the minutia do.

I encourage people to give the show a chance even if you don’t like the movie or the theme as the narration by Cat Thompson gets more and more nuts each episode and her ever growing hatred of being the series narrator is quite fun indeed.

1201 BEYOND 4

The 7 completed episodes are all free to view so please, give them a watch and give the contributors their due, they all deserve it.

Episode 1: Halloween

12:01 Beyond is meant to showcase unique items that you may have missed or simply been unaware of. In either case, we invite you into a two and a half hour excursion through the depths of the strange and unusual. In this inaugural Halloween excursion you will experience visions otherwise lost to time.

Episode 2: Kneel Before The Future

In this episode of 12:01 Beyond, we venture into post-apocalyptic worlds and wild adventures where robots run amuck. Take the time to absorb yourself into the 12:01 Beyond universe with a mix of music videos, animated shorts, a science fiction feature film, and a new serial from Neon Harbor – “Ninja The Mission Force!”

Episode 3: The Scariest Damn Night Of The Whole Damn Year

This episode of 12:01 Beyond celebrates the Yuletide holiday with an assortment of wild, strange, scary, and fun films, music videos, and more carrying on with the X-Mas theme!

Episode 4: Illegal Aliens

Beings from other worlds invade this episode of 12:01 Beyond. Strange visitors appear in an eclecctic array of music videos, short films, vintage video rarities, and our main feature “Alien Contamination.” Plus, we continue on with another installment in Neon Harbor’s “Ninja The Mission Force” serial.

Episode 5: Love is “Sex” Misspelled

This very late sour noted Valentine’s themed episode was meant to be all about bad love so we showed the movie “Bad Love” as well other things which only illustrate how bad love is. I just said Bad Love way to many times. Anyway, watch as bad love (damn it, I did it again) expands, and see new installments of “Ninja The Mission Force,” “The Crimson Ghost,” “Superman,” and other assorted crap. Bad love.

Episode 6: Huh? I Wasn’t Paying Attention

This eclectic episode of 12:01 Beyond brings you the strange and epic with a feature presentation of 1989’s Slipstream starring Mark Hamill, Bill Paxton, and Bob Peck with appearances by F. Murray Abraham and Ben Kingsley. Plus, MORE Ninja The Mission Force, animated shorts, vintage video rarities, hard rockin’ music videos, and far more shocking surprises inside!

Episode 7: They Suck

This blood sucking episode of 12:01 Beyond brings you the fanged creatures of the night with a slew of vampire themed short films, vintage video rarities, a classic Hammer Dracula film, and just for the hell of it, more Ninja The Mission Force! Plus, after our closing credits, we have put together a brief tribute to the late Sir Christopher Lee featuring “Premeditate” by HEMI.

Also, check out our post on Joe Riley’s amazing pyschotronic cable access TV show “The Hypnotic Eye,” another show influenced by Night Flight!

1201 BEYOND 3

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